Phytness is proud to support many community groups and individuals in their pursuit of improved community health and well being. The Phytness  team proudly setup and support a range of charity initiatives, financially support community organisations and share their professional knowledge in pursuit of improved health and injury prevention for our community.

dorsaVi’s world-first wireless wearable sensors for the Clinical, Work and Sport products are changing the way movements of patients,  employees and athletes are assessed. We have invested in this technology at Phytness, the first and currently only, clinincal practice in the area utilising this technology.

Phytness are proud to partner with Bodycare in providing quality injury prevention and management services to multinational corporations operating in the Illawarra.

JobFit System’s unique database objectively compares worker capabilities to job demands to assist employers, health providers and consultants and give them (and the worker) peace of mind when making decisions regarding job placement, suitable duties programs, health surveillance and risk management strategies.

Peter Mcfarlane, Phytness HealthCare Podiatrist, operates Tread Right Podiatry from our clinics. Peter is passionate about helping people with all injuries; whether it be work-related, growing pains or sports based.

Alex is an elite level triathlete, who has competed both nationally and internationally, gaining a great deal of first-hand experience on the finer aspects of triathlon. He has raced in 5 Ironman triathlons, 20+ Half Ironman’s and numerous shorter races over the 10 years he has been involved in the sport. Alex has had success on both a national and international level in his age group, with several Australian title and a bronze medal at the 30-34 Long Course World Championships in Spain in 2012.

Phytness offers the Exos bracing system as a fantastic alternative to traditional casting. It is the only waterproof, removable, adjustable, reformable system for teating fractures and other injuries needing bracing.


No more cast saws at removal time, no more re-casting if swelling increases or decreases and no more smelly skin as the brace can be washed inside and out.

Quality rugby league football coaching from U6 - U17

The Illawarra Triathlon Club is committed to the promotion and participation of people in swimming, riding and running activities as part of a healthy lifestyle. The Illawarra Triathlon Club provides opportunity for athletes at all levels. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable athlete experience through participation and to encoruage all athletes to reach their competitive potential in the sport.

Vinyasa Yoga aims to enable individuals to apply the tools of Yoga in your own way to your own circumstances so that you can live your life, whatever that may be, to its fullest. Asana classes are instructed in a flowing, dynamic style with an emphasis on correct postural alignment and control of the breath. Some classes will be faster and some slower, but in all of them you’ll be given a range of options for each posture so that you can work at your own pace at any point in time. Our teachers can give you modifications for each posture to work around any injuries or illnesses you may have.

International Mountain Biking Challenge - Langkawi 2013

LIMBC is a world-class Mountain Bike (MTB) race event sanctioned and endorsed by the world governing body the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) for its high quality organisation and amazing race experience. Making it one of the “must attend”, Mountain Biking events in Asia. Two Phytness clinicians traveled to the event in 2013 as team physiotherapists for the elite athletes.

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