Alex Price | Physiotherapist

B.AppSc (phyty) | F.I.S.T Cert. Professional Bike Fit. | N.S.W.I.S Accred Physio

Alex has treated thousands of clients from a broad cross-section of population over the past 18 years as an experienced Physiotherapist and rehabilitation coach.  His interest in understanding the human body and its’ capacity has been driven by a curiosity and passion to find the source of injury and uncover the cause that will not only improve function but prevent a reoccurrence.


Alex is innately committed to helping clients that are challenged with day to day injuries across all facets of the community, using an evidence-based method in providing individualised treatment plans and exercise intervention strategies. Facilitating healthy lifestyle choices and a holistic approach to his client’s wellbeing, Alex provides a complete solution to help his clients achieve their best results.


Alex facilitates long term wellbeing through education and being a positive and supportive influence during the rehab process. This has proven to be a valuable attribute for his clients who face physical limitations caused by injury and emotional distress during periods of disappointment. Alex has a particular focus on working with NDIS clients, for which he is a provider, as well as athletes, adolescents, and achieving day to day functionality for all his clients.


Alex has an optimistic outlook but is a realist when it comes to setbacks. He personally knows the sense of satisfaction after enduring some tough times and empowers others to follow through with treatment.


Having lived and worked internationally, Alex has taken up opportunities to work with elite triathlon programs as both a physiotherapist, and a strength and conditioning coach. Having travelled extensively with the Australian Triathlon team for eight years, Alex has gained unique insight into functional injury prevention and the performance of athletes at all levels. Further to this, Alex has accompanied and support teams to two Olympic Games and a Commonwealth games. During the Rio Olympics, Alex worked with the USA Triathlon team, in particular Gwen Jorgensen who won the Gold medal.


Alex has used his experiences working with elite athletes, to apply to his  clients, with particular expertise in movement analysis, bike fitting, run and swim technique.  He uses real time filming and analysis which has proven invaluable in the prevention of injury and enhancing performance.


As an elite level triathlete who has competed nationally and internationally, Alex has inside knowledge to the demands high level sport can place on the human body. Alex also understands everyday life can have similar limiting impacts and advocates the benefits of incorporating preventive treatments as a way to de-stress or manage long hours spent at a desk or in sedentary working environments.


As managing director and head coach of  AP10 – Triathlon and Performance Coaching, Alex combines his love of biomechanics, coaching and getting the most out of each athlete, while continuously studying and applying new treatment techniques and options.  


Alex’s peer recognition in his experience is evidenced in invitations to speak at APA and SPA events, as well as multiple contributions to industry and sports specific media.