Home Visits

When to arrange a home visit:

  • You have difficulties getting about

  • Are unable to drive

  • Simply feel more comfortable in your own home.


Phytness Health Care is dedicated to providing a home based service especially for those with long term requirements. Many chronic health problems are managed more effectively when treated in the comfort of your own home setting where practical problems can be tackled specific to your home environment. Physiotherapy at home also enables other members of the family to be involved and to gain a better understanding of your condition and how to help.


What to expect from a home visit

  1. When you arrange a home visit it is important to set aside enough time, free from interruptions and telephone calls. Your spouse or a friend is welcome to be present if you prefer not to be alone. 

  2. Before your first visit it is helpful to gather together any recent medical records, X-rays and MRIs that you have, to show to the Physiotherapist when they arrive. Think through what your main problems are and what you would most like to achieve from treatment. Write down a list of questions if you feel you may forget, but don’t worry about it if you do as the Physiotherapist will probably expect to see you for a few sessions if not on a regular basis, during which time you can talk about any other issues.

  3. The first visit may take as long as 40minutes to an hour, during which time the Physiotherapist will make an assessment of your physical condition and if relevant your living area too. Your Physiotherapist will discuss and provide with you the most appropriate treatment method. Your Physiotherapist will arrive as promptly as possible but may be a little delayed if traffic is heavy. If there is going to be a longer delay they will ring you to let you know.

  4. If you require a receipt of payment let your Therapist know. If you have Private Health Insurance, check with them in advance that you will be able to claim for the Physiotherapy Treatment.

Are you eligible for a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)? - find out more here.

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