Pre-Employment Screening

 Job Fit - Screening Tool

We offer screening and evaluation to determine an injured worker’s functional capacity for work. The assessment is designed to evaluate an individual’s current physical capacity for the work related tasks that comprise the intended job.


Detailed information of the job description assists us to tailor the assessment specifically to the demands of the job. This information can be provided by the employer using a simple form provided by Phytness HealthCare or the assessor can visit the workplace to observe the physical demands of the job.


The information provided by a Pre-Employment Screening will assist your organization to:

  • Identify potential medical, musculoskeletal, or psychological barriers of prospective employees prior to employment

  • Reduce risks of a work place injury claim being placed against your organisation Identify the physical capabilities of the potential employee relative to the job demands

  • Increase productivity through the identification of workers that are most physically capable of undertaking the role. This will enable the employer/organisation to identify the most suitable person to match the physical demands of the job and reduce the risk of work related injuries and subsequently increased insurance premiums

  • Provide appropriate referrals and recommendations to health professionals (eg. physiotherapy, exercise physiology work conditioning program, medical specialist review) to assist the employee in meeting the required demands of the job

  • Identify suitable duties or modifications required for the worker to complete the work related tasks (i.e. ergonomic modifications)


Job Fit - Return To Work Assessment Tool

Functional capacity assessments are an excellent evaluation and measure of an individual’s current capacity to meet the specific demands of the job. The assessment can be used for potential employees (recruitment tool) or for injured workers returning to the work force. The assessment is also useful to identify work related modifications required to enable the injured worker to perform the tasks safely with reduced risk of injury and reduced loss of productivity.


The results of the functional capacity assessment will establish the current physical capabilities of the injured worker and assist in determining:

  • The employee’s suitability for return to pre-injury employment or other modified duties

  • Provide information to determine appropriate, or modified duties for injured workers and to establish time frames for a potential return to work if appropriate

  • Assist in providing appropriate recommendations to assist the injured worker with a return to work (i.e. work conditioning program, psychological intervention, etc)

  • Provide the injured worker with education on proper manual handling/movement techniques to reduce risk of further injury


For the Pre-Employment Screening and Functional Capacity Assessments clients are instructed to wear comfortable clothing to participate in the assessment. The assessment will be conducted by an Exercise Physiologist and/or Physiotherapist and it will consist of the following activities dependant on the demands of the job (as identified by the job description or workplace assessment):


  • Health screen questionnaire

  • Range of Motion Assessment

  • Injury specific disability questionnaires

  • Postural Assessments

  • Strength and Aerobic Capacity Assessments (specific to the job)

  • Anthropometric measures

  • Balance Assessment

  • Core strength Assessment

  • Ergonomic Workplace Assessments

  • Lifting Assessments (specific to the demands of the job)