dorsaVi’s world-first wireless wearable sensors for Clinical, Work and Sport application are changing the way patients, employees and athletes movements are assessed.


Phytness Healthcare were the first clinical practice in the Illawarra to invested in this technology, offering all our clients access to the same resources previously only avaialble to elite athletes. Visit the dorsaVi website for more information or contact the clinic to arrange an assessment.


DorsaVi for Back Pain

Phytness is committed to helping you effectively manage your low back pain. We understand that each person’s back pain is as unique as their fingerprint and have therefore embraced this new technology, ViMove. With this we can help you manage your low back pain through understanding of your own movements, postures and muscle activity.


ViMove, developed by dorsaVi, uses wireless sensor technology to accurately and objectively measure movement and muscle activity of the lower back. This effectively removes the guesswork from clinical assessments, and allows our clinicians to obtain a better understanding of the unique features of your movements and postures that may be contributing to your back pain.


Discrete, easy to fit sensors are placed on the back and record the body’s movement both in and away from the clinic. This information can then be used to promote positive movement patterns and posture empowering you to manage and reduce your low back pain. The sensors can also be used for real time feedback and training of better movement patterns.


ViPerform for Running Analysis

Can be used for real time assessment of Leg Symmetry, Average Ground Reaction Force (L&R Leg), Average Initial Peak Acceleration, Average Ground Contact Time (L&R Leg), Average Steps Per Minute, Total Distance, Average Speed, Time, Outdoor Assessment for Up to 24 Hours adding vital objective details to our clinical assessment of your runnign with the aim of helping you get the most out of your natural abilities without unecessary injury risk.


Vi Perform Knee Stability 

Vi Perform sensors can monitor the stability of the knee during functional movements helping to identify deficits that could increase the risk of further injury to the knee or other body areas and help guide safe return to activity in injury rehabilitation.


ViMove Functional Assessment

Lumbo-pelvic control in a range of functional tasks relevant to work or sporting duties or the activities that matter in your daily life can be assessed in real-time in real life scenarios using ViMove. The data obtained helps guide programming to optimise movement patterns to reduce injury risk and pain and assist upgrading of functional capacity to allow you to move on with doing the things that matter to you.