Workplace Training & Assessment

 Our team of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists are skilled in promoting overall health and wellbeing within the workplace. We can identify areas that predispose clients to injury and address them in the early stages before they become a more serious problem. Your company may benefit through reduced workers compensation claims and premiums, less employee absenteeism and healthier staff. Staff may not only feel better but could be more productive and need less time off for management of established injuries.


With Phytness Corporate HealthCare, our health professionals can attend your workplace to assess and treat your employees. Phytness corporate healthcare offers the professional health care options available in our clinic except we come to you.


Phytness Corporate HealthCare offers:

  • Personalised exercise programs for individual employees

  • Empowering your employees to manage their working postures and how to be smart about injury prevention

  • Ergonomic workstation assessment and correction

  • Assessment and rehabilitation services to residents of aged care facilities

  • Injury management services for elite athletes

  • Injury prevention education and exercise programs for dance organisations

  • Injury prevention education programs for corporate entities in a number of fields

  • Ergonomic assessments for various organisations

  • Education sessions for community members suffering or at risk of Diabetes Mellitus

Contact us to discuss your corporate healthcare needs.