Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is an individually tailored treatment method, provided by highly trained physiotherapists.

Clinical Pilates is used to treat patients individually, it is most effective when prescribed by a physiotherapist, based on their individual assessment of each patient, using their medical knowledge and training. Your Phytness HealthCare physiotherapist will establish your own personalised program, ensuring that you are using the correct techniques safely, and continuously assess your progress and adjust your program to ensure you achieve your desired result.


What to expect at your first visit

Whether you are attending our clinic for physiotherapy or Clinical Pilates, your initial consultation at Phytness will be with a physiotherapist. Your physiotherapist will conduct a full-clinical assessment, taking into account your history, lifestyle, work and recreational activities and general health. Before undertaking any pilates, your physiotherapist will give you a detailed explanation of your condition and appropriate treatment options for your condition, be it traditional physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates or a combination of both. In addition to clinic based treatment, your physiotherapist may prescribe techniques or exercises that you can do at home, by yourself, in-between treatment sessions. You will need to wear flexible, comfortable clothes that allows the physiotherapist to perform their assessments and allow you to move freely while exercising.


Individual and group based Clinical Pilates

Depending on the outcome of your assessment and your preference, we can arrange continued individual and/or group based pilates sessions. Group sessions are kept to a maximum of only 5 clients per group to allow for tailored and specific attention to each individual. 


To make an enquiry or to book an assessment, please call one of our clinics.